2016 SDC Results

The 2016 Student Design Competition sponsored by the Acoustical Society of America’s Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics and the National Council of Acoustical Consultants, in conjunction with the Newman Student Award Fund, was judged at the 171st ASA Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT, in May 2016. The project involved the design of a multi-purpose facility on a campus with others, all dedicated to The Arts, located at the base of the mountains near Park City, Utah.  Many thanks to those who served on the panel of judges: Steven Cornell (CSRA Architecture); Ian Hoffman (Judson University); and Ana Jaramillo (AFMG and Olson Sound Design).

And the winners are…

First Honors (Wenger Award $1250 prize):

  • Alexandra Backstrom, Rakel Norberg, and Alexander Sandercock; Chalmers University of Technology (Faculty Advisors: Prof. Wolfgang Kropp and Prof. Morten Lund)

Commendations in no particular order ($700 prize):

  • Liv Andersson, Ona Forss, and Gunnar Agren; Chalmers University of Technology (Faculty Advisors: Prof. Morten Lund, Prof. Peter Christensson, and Prof. Wolfgang Kropp)
  • Malin Caesar, Linda Wappling, and Philip Radtke; Chalmers University of Technology (Faculty Advisors: Prof. Morten Lund and Prof. Wolfgang Kropp)
  • Sungbeen Cho; University of Nebraska – Lincoln (Faculty Advisor: Prof. Lily Wang)
  • Sara Gambacorta and Christopher Springthorpe; University of Hartford (Faculty Advisor: Prof. Robert Celmer)

Congratulations to the winners! And thanks to all those who participated in this year’s competition!