Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee:

  • William J. Cavanaugh, Co-Chair Emeritus
  • Carl J. Rosenberg, Co-Chair
  • Lily M. Wang, Co-Chair
  • Robert D. Celmer, Co-Chair
  • Michelle C. Vigeant*, Secretary
  • Elizabeth Lamour*, Newsletter Editor
  • Christopher H. Blair
  • David T. Bradley*
  • Daniel Butko*
  • Andy Carballeira*
  • Robert C. Coffeen
  • Stephen Dance
  • Peter D’Antonio
  • M. David Egan
  • Donna Anne Ellis*
  • Timothy J. Foulkes
  • Ronald R. Freiheit
  • Robin S. Glosemeyer Petrone
  • Ian B. Hoffman
  • K. Anthony Hoover
  • Norman Philipp*
  • Kenneth P. Roy
  • Gary W. Siebein
  • David S. Woolworth
  • Ning Xiang

* Past Newman Medalist

Sponsoring Organizations:

The Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics of the Acoustical Society of America with the cooperation of:



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